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Getting Started with my reptile blog

I also did my monthly weigh ins yesterday and cleaned the whole place. Not that I have that many snakes to clean but there are enough to make it a time consuming job. It’s a great feeling to have the snake room stuff all done. The last two days I’ve been chilling the breeders with zero hot spots just room temps and it got down to seventy two last night because my son turned down the heater while we were cleaning. He always does that. If there’s a button around a two year old will find it and push it that goes for knobs as well. Come to thing of it David also adjusted the temps on Will Birds incubator last year (lol) when we were over dropping off rats, we caught him though and straightened it out.

Back to the snakes I didn’t notice any spike in activity when the temps were left low for those two days so I’m not sure if I’ll do it again or not. I think I found a couple girls laying cold but I’m not sure. My het pied female looked to be hugging the water bowl but she could have been just passing through. I have what I believe is a true genetic granite that has been bred several times by the het lavenders who also looked to be laying cold but might have been on the move as well. I’m hoping I’ll see more signs of follicular development this month but we’ll see.

Cool snake videos
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